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From the Introduction:

"... this book is being written for the beginner practitioner. I will assume your knowledge of the subject is limited and will thus offer a simple, step-by-step guide to leaving the body. Although 'astral projection' is often used as a catch-all term for any conscious activity occurring outside the body, throughout this work I will make a clear distinction between etheric projections and astral projections (etheric projections being the most common, at least for me).

"By applying the same techniques I use, I believe that anyone can achieve the out-of-body state on a regular basis and with their full critical faculties intact. Surely if I can do it, you can do it (if you really want it). It is only a matter of conditioning, allowing yourself to see the 'door' that you never noticed, to realize the freedom that you never knew you had -- to edge pass the threshold and beyond matter."

Excerpt ("Questions & Answers" Chapter):

Q: When the term "astral projection" is used, does that mean that the astral body is projected to the astral plane?

A: No. The astral body is already on the astral plane, just as the physical body is on the physical plane. You do not actually "project" to planes but rather focus or tune in to specific planes. You become aware, or gain a different perspective (away from physical reality). Your other bodies are all right there with you, interpenetrating one another as each are of a different frequency. To become aware of another plane or region and to use its corresponding body, your consciousness needs to vibrate at that higher frequency. You will then be shutting down your physical senses and tuning into your inner senses.

Technically, there is no "leaving" the body to "travel" to another "place", as all "places" exists as one and so "distance" doesn't actually exist. Nevertheless, when you are focused away from physical reality you will experience distance often (and perhaps primarily) but going from "place" to "place" can be instantaneous by shifting your attention to where you want to be (you do this by focusing on the energy or essence of the person or place you wish to visit). Doing this effectively and consistently, however, is easier said than done. In my experience, the more conscious you are, the harder it is to get to a location instantaneously, often leaving me no choice but to engage in long-distance traveling. This is probably only my issue (my thought patterns / mental hangups interfering with me) and may not affect you.

Q: Are there always sensations (such as vibrations) before leaving the body? What about sounds?

A: Not everyone experiences vibrations. Some report no sensations or sounds prior to an OBE; they simply slip out of the body. This is often my case (and it was for my first OBE), but I have had many experiences where extremely strong vibrations occurred prior to leaving the body -- vibrations that were so quick and violent that it would only be a matter of moments before I would be flung out of body. These vibrations never hurt. In fact, I would sometimes have a mental laughing fit during these atom-shakedowns because the experience is so bizarre and ridiculously dramatic.

When I am experiencing these extreme vibrations I hear a loud roaring or rushing sound that hits its crescendo just as I am propelled out of body (which can sound like an explosion or a bird squawking). However, at the beginning of the vibrations I will sometimes hear what sounds like crickets. (I will cover this topic more fully in the chapter "Out-of-Body Predicaments".)

Q: Does out-of-body experiences prove life after death?

A: Yes and no. For those who have had an OBE with total consciousness, it is proof enough -- the answer is usually an emphatic YES! Finding yourself apart from your physical body and still fully functioning (with your self-identity completely intact), still able to see, hear, touch, even smell and taste, still able to do everything and more, it is hard to believe that life wouldn't go on after death. In most of these people's minds there is little doubt, and in my own as well.

However, technically, no, it doesn't prove it. When I project, I still have a living body -- perhaps when my physical body dies my consciousness will die with it, but I know that's not the case. I feel intuitively that we will survive, and I've come across other beings that I feel strongly were not hallucinations manufactured by my psyche. I've also seen many of my dead pets while OBEing (which I'll describe in detail later in this chapter). The fact is, there is no scientist on earth who can explain what consciousness is. There is no compelling theories for how the physical body can create it. Anyone who says that consciousness cannot survive death is making a wild assumption based on nothing.

Those who have had a fully conscious OBE come away with the conviction that what they experienced could not have been a dream, and you can't shake them from this stance. What is fascinating is how during my best OBEs my consciousness is more bright and awake than my everyday in-body consciousness. You really do feel as though you are alive for the first time. It's as though our physical bodies, being comparatively crude instruments, can only manage to utilize a smaller portion of consciousness (as if all of the lights haven't been turned on). That's not to say that just because you are out of body you are suddenly more intelligent (although I do have access to what appears to be the stored databank of my subconscious mind, which I'll discuss later in the chapter "The Astral Jukebox"). I'm just as slow to learn new things while out of body as when I'm physically oriented. You are the same flawed person as before, and uniquely you in every way, but one's higher aliveness does seem to be in attendance. I feel cleaner, less bogged down. Simply more awake.

Q: How will I know that I had an out-of-body experience and not dreaming?

A: If you weren't fully conscious then you may doubt it and slap a "dream" label on it (although you were probably out of body while dreaming, as this is natural). When I left my body for the first time I was full-on AWAKE. Imagine the level of consciousness you are using right now, then imagine -- at the least -- that same consciousness outside your body. That's how the best OBEs are. As I indicated earlier, you will feel even more awake and alive than when you're physically awake.

If I were to tell you right now that you are asleep and lucid dreaming, you would laugh and say "hogwash!" because you know with every ounce of your being that you aren't dreaming -- YOU KNOW THIS -- and no one would be able to convince you otherwise. It is the same with a fully conscious OBE -- you are certain that you aren't dreaming. The level of consciousness one uses with a lucid dream is not of the same quality as that of an OBE. In addition, the consciousness you use in a lucid dream is hovering more or less above or around or is pushed back from the scene of that which you have created, unlike an OBE where your consciousness is firmly situated at the exact location where you are at (much in the same way that you experience consciousness when you are physically awake). It is likewise with remote viewing -- I am aware that I am in bed, in my room, and my consciousness is situated around my physical head.

So, to be clear, when lucid dreaming, consciousness is not as bright as an OBE and is somewhat displaced or has permeated throughout the content of the dream (not localized); it is as though you are a puppetmaster from afar. These are two of the major differences between OBEs and lucid dreams. (I will discuss this subject further in the chapter "Objective Reality or Lucid Dreaming?")


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    I first learned about astral projection as a teenager from my mother, who had experienced it herself many times. I was so fascinated with this subject that I was determined to figure out how to induce the phenomenon myself. This book, Exploring Your Inner Reality, details the steps I took to initiate these experiences and the strange situations I encountered while being out of body.

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    How It Started: My First OBE
    Questions & Answers
    Out-of-Body Predicaments
          No Vision (Fear of Seeing)
          The Ectoplasmic Fog
          Reversed Vision
          Stuck In Stuff (Windows, Ceilings, Etc.)
          Stuck In "Mud"
          The Sleeping Bag Syndrome
          Catalepsy / Sleep Paralysis
          Crybaby Syndrome
          Don't Over Do It (Unless You Want To)
          Disembodied, Floating Head
          Malicious Spirits & Mischief-Makers
          My Trips to the Moon (In-Flight Failures)
          Double Consciousness
          Pre / During / Post Projection Noises
          Good Vibrations
          The Art of Locomotion

    Preparations / Preliminaries
          Kicking the Fear Habit
          Peace & Quiet & Naked
    Techniques for Out-of-Body Travel
          The Dream-State Method
          The Morning Method
          The Catapult Projection Method
          The Visualization Method
          The Portal Method
          The X Marks-the-Spot Method
    Summary: 7 Steps to Conscious Projection
    Objective Reality or Lucid Dreaming?
          Validating Your Projections
    The Astral Jukebox
    OBE Survey
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